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About the company

Ok bottling and beverage Share Company is a bottled water manufacturing company that is established,in 2014, in "Guraghe" zone, SNNP, Ethiopia. It mainly aims in targeting the Local Ethiopian market currently as well as most Eastern African region, in the long run thereby addressing the quality bottled water needs of this target segment. Quality water from the source coupled with the latest technology of production makes it unique to satisfy the real desire of its customers.

About the product

Fiker pure natural spring water is mined from natural spring water of Jejer, at Guraghe chained mountain, SNNP region Ethiopia, at "Exia" wereda. Although we are working to produce other product lines, Ok bottling and beverage Sc currently produces 600ml, 1000ml and 2000ml size of botteled waters.


By 2024 to become a leading and favored bottled water producer ranking amongst the best in Ethiopia, as well as the exporter, flavored drinks producer, and a major real estate venture.


To become a leading brand in the country, and to avail quality from the source for the common benefit of our socity, community and country, and increase the profitablity of the company for shareholders.

Social responsibility

Ok bottling and beverage Sc assigns 2 cents for the environment and needy children. We also support different historic artistic works. The historic "Fiker eskemekabir"can be a witness

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Our online store is always open to customers who prefer to drink quality spring water.

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If you order more than 100 packs of our produts, we will deliver it to your place for free. This offer applies only to online orders.

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Our team of friendly managers is always ready to help you choose and order our products. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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